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This is Collette Divitto, a 33-year-old woman with Down syndrome and one of the most extraordinary people you'll ever meet.

And now she'll be the first person with Down syndrome to have her own cooking show.

Collette is tenacious, sassy, and dynamic, warming her way into people's hearts worldwide. In each episode of Collettey's Kitchen, she welcomes special guests from all walks of life – celebrities, politicians, influencers, heroes, and even her large (and very loud) family. Collette engages them in candid, uplifting conversations as they share stories of overcoming adversity, pursuing dreams against the odds, and championing inclusion for those with intellectual disabilities. Collette and her guest will create and bake a signature cookie inspired by the guest that will encapsulate each episode's theme, with the potential to scale nationally like Ben & Jerry's purpose-driven flavors, spreading the message of inclusivity beyond the show.

More than just a cooking show, Collettey's Kitchen is a call to action. It uses laughter, heartfelt discussion, and delicious cookies to shatter stigmas and inspire audiences to embrace diversity. Her mission is to create more opportunities in the workplace and beyond for people of all abilities. With courage and vision, Collette challenges perceptions and advocates for a world where everyone's talents have a place.

Sample Episodes / Guests

Dwayne Johnson

Collette welcomes global megastar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, whom she challenges to help bake a colossal Rock Protein Power Cookie, a delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate chips packed with protein to fuel athletes and fans alike—the two bond over their shared passion for empowering others and breaking down barriers. Dwayne opens up about his struggles and how he persevered to become a successful actor and entrepreneur. In an oversized kitchen set, Collette and The Rock get messy measuring out huge quantities of ingredients, struggle with the massive dough, and take breaks for Collette to challenge Dwayne to strength-test cookie games like seeing who can crush the most cookies with their bare hands. As they take the first bites together, Dwayne commends Collette's tireless efforts to raise awareness and create more opportunities for those with disabilities, inspiring his fans to embrace inclusivity. The gameshow antics blend with heartfelt highlights of Dwayne and Collette's parallel stories of persevering through sheer force of will.

Guy Fieri

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri joins Collette for a flavor-packed episode. Together, they create the "Flavor Town Cookie" - a bold dough infused with cayenne, crushed pretzels, chocolate-covered jalapeños, and donkey sauce frosting. The duo then hit the road in the Colletty's Cookie Truck, surprising locals by handing out their savory-sweet cookie fusion. Between baking antics, Guy shares his advocacy for hiring those with intellectual disabilities, inspired by his cousin. He applauds Collette's mission to create more opportunities, knowing firsthand the incredible talents and work ethic employees of all abilities can offer. As a former restaurant worker, Guy stresses the importance of giving everyone a fair chance.

Sample Episodes / Guests

Aly Raisman

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman joins Collette for a fun-filled episode baking gold medal-inspired gingersnap cookies. They compete in a timed decorating contest using glazes and candies to see who can creatively ice their cookies. Aly relates to Collette's resilience and mission to create inclusive workplaces. For the finale, Collette surprises Aly by having local kids with disabilities judge and award ribbons for their favorite decorated cookie designs. It blends playful cookie art with powerful discussion, celebrating all abilities.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama joins Collette's boisterous Italian family to bake "Yes We Cantuccini" cookies, a twist on biscotti symbolizing their shared strength. In the kitchen, Michelle and Collette bond over pursuing passions despite obstacles, as the family shares stories of Collette's nonna who inspired her love of baking. Collette's aunts, uncles, and cousins join the conversation, expressing pride in her advocacy. The whole family divides into teams for a lively cookie tower-building contest filled with laughter and cheering. Savoring the Cantuccini, Michelle marvels at the close-knit family's love that has shaped Collette's generous spirit. It's a heartwarming episode celebrating heritage, determination, and spreading joy through food and togetherness.

Sample Episodes / Guests

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson joins Collette to bake "Slam Dunk Snickerdoodles" and discuss his film "Champions" about a coach training basketball players with intellectual disabilities. Woody shares how he passionately championed the script, determined to bring its message of inclusivity to the screen. Woody surprises her by inviting the "Champions" cast for an epic cookie basketball tournament in the kitchen. As they savor the snickerdoodles post-game, the cast shares heartfelt stories from filming, emphasizing the importance of authentic representation. This episode blends humor, camaraderie, and a powerful message about championing inclusion through sports and storytelling.

Governor Maura Healey

Governor Healey joins Collette to bake Red Sox-themed "Green Monster Mint Cookies" and discuss their shared passion for inclusion. They bond over breaking barriers – Healey as the first openly lesbian governor and Collette as an entrepreneur with Down syndrome. The two visit Fenway Park, where they meet Michael Lara, the Red Sox's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Manager, who shares the team's commitment to inclusive hiring. Collette, Healey, and Lara share cookies with the Red Sox players and staff in the dugout, fostering discussion about a welcoming clubhouse. Collette throws the first pitch to cheers. Healey declares "Collettey's Kitchen Day," and Lara surprises Collette with a personalized jersey. It's an unforgettable episode showcasing Massachusetts pride, the power of inclusion, and Collette's shining moment at Fenway.

Sample Episode Segments

Field Trip

Collette and her celebrity guest go on a field trip to a location like a Special Olympics event, disability job training program, or a company that employs individuals with intellectual disabilities, showing inclusion in action.

Mystery Cookie Challenge

Collette and her celebrity guest are handed a basket of mystery ingredients and have to create an original cookie recipe using only those components within a time limit. Judges award points for taste, creativity, and presentation.

Colletty‘s Cookie Truck

Collette and her celebrity guest could take the show on the road with her Colletty’s Cookie Truck to a special location, surprising fans with fresh baked cookies.

Behind the Scenes Cookie Crew

Collette spotlights her staff, mostly made up of people with intellectual disabilities, who help prep and bake each episode's cookies.

Hire This! Success Stories

Dedicated to highlighting companies and leaders who have implemented inclusive hiring practices. Those leaders will join Collette to be celebrated for their initiatives while sharing advice for others wanting to be more disability-inclusive.

Collette’s story

Collette Divitto attended Clemson University and moved to Boston after graduation, sure she'd find a paying job, but it was nearly impossible. She was determined not to let rejection stop her from earning a living, doing meaningful work, and living independently. With her characteristic sass, grit, and drive to succeed, Collette turned her passion for baking into a business. She founded the now-profitable Collettey's Cookies and has sold over 700,000 cookies to date, with a staff mainly consisting of individuals with cognitive challenges.

Collette is now the founder and CEO of two companies, an accomplished author, a TEDx speaker, and a global speaker. She's been featured in renowned media outlets such as Forbes, CNN, Huffington Post, People, CBS, ABC World News, QVC, and Good Morning America. She's a recognized disruptor and fierce advocate, featured in news coverage in over 16 countries worldwide.

Knowing firsthand the struggles that people with Down syndrome and other cognitive challenges endure while looking for employment, Collette decided that her company would be not just a means of earning a living, but it would have a greater mission - to create jobs for other people with disabilities.

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